A letter to my self

Dear me

Today is the last day on my 3rd decades, reminds me about up and down of life, but it was normal.. it was natural.

Life was not always in the good vibes but when the bad things came it was made me strong, more tough, and built who i am by self like today.

Enjoy every single moment is a key of love of my own life.

No one could be perfect, but we could be always try to do the best on every single aspects of our life.

And i did it.. at least on my own opinion.

Today i want to celebrate for everything about past, then let them go, because life must go on… and life begin at 40.

Thank you for everything my self… thank you for being nice to me always forever… I love you… I love you… I love you…



Published by inyo

interior decorator, and master of ceremony

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