Purity of Bhutan

Never once i did felt uncomfortable coming to Bangkok, but this time during transit from Bhutan I did not feel Bangkok was like a hometown.

(i frequently came here than back home anyway)

Too noisy, chaotic, busy, rushed, everyone talks too loudly.

I miss the calm atmosphere in Bhutan, driving only 40km per hour, even the maximum speed for the highway only 60km per hour. Never thought it was the great highway, just two lines passing through all the way to other districts with a little bit bumpy at some parts.

Everyone speaks politely, smile, joking, not in a hurry, sometimes I even saw someone just stopping by just to enjoy the scenery as they walk towards a place. Very peacefull.

Indeed it’s not easy for me to go to Bhutan. Travel packages are quite expensive, but experiences, atmosphere, nature, people, and everything I felt when I was there, all are a valuable experiences.

The moments of simplicity, staying at the farmhouse with the locals even just a day, animals and nature that blend with human life, it’s all a wonderful experience for me

I have a dream to keep nature in Bali,even just a patch of land around my house to be able to have harmony.

To maintain the natural beauty around the house, my dogs and wild birds can live together, grow as much as plants that can be planted, and keep all life in a simple sense of happiness.

Nothing is more valuable than giving more to the universe

I’m pretty sure i will missing Bhutan so much, i wish i will coming back to Bhutan one day.

Be kind to all creatures, this is the true religion – Buddha

Published by inyo

interior decorator, and master of ceremony

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